Meet The Members of the League



Age: 17

Grade: 11th grade

Interests:  Robotics; science; reading about history;  teach kindergarten Sunday School; performing magic tricks with cards;

Achievements: 3 time FLL Regional Champion; placed 2nd place in FLL Worlds; won at 7th grade school science fair; 2nd place in District and regional science fairs 7th grade; Special Engineering Award from US Navy at Texas State Science Fair – 7th grade; 1st place school science fair and 3rd place at the Texas State Science Fair in 8th grade.  Placed 2nd place in school science fair in 9th grade and will move on to district and regional science fairs next month.

Why did you join FTC: After three years of FLL, I wanted to take my robotics skills to another level.

Why did you choose your scientist name: Nikola Tesla was a great innovator in the fields of electronics and he was a pioneer in robotics.



Age: 16

My name is Brady Chanpong, I’m in 11th grade, and I’ve been participating in FTC for five years now. I am also a veteran of FLL. I’ve always had a love for science, and I’ve found particular interest in the fields of biochemistry and geophysics I’m a very inquisitive person, and I’ve always tried to find all the answers to my questions.

Outside of FTC, I have interests in fencing, playing the trumpet, reading, writing, and taking long walks around my neighborhood, so that I can have some time to myself while I sort through my thoughts.








Age: 16

11th Grade

Hello, my name is Daniel, and I am a junior in high school. Some of my interests include playing the French Horn in band, origami, taekwondo, playing the piano and reading about astronomy and psychology. I hope to pursue a job in astrophysics.

I am a 2 year veteran of FTC. During my time with the League, I have experienced a splendid amount of friendship as the team graciously accepted me into the team.





dsc09522Hi, my name is Diego, and I am a junior in high school. My interests include guitar, basketball, video games, music, books, art, TV shows, and hanging out with friends.

I am a two year FTC veteran. My experience with the team so far has been fun and exciting, allowing me to learn and experience new things at every meeting and competition.









Age: 20

Grade: College Sophomore at the University of New England in Maine majoring in Marine Biology.

Interests: Marine biology; playing cello; saving the seals

Future Plans: I have been accepted into one of the top Marine Biology undergraduate programs in the country at the University of New England where I plan on earning my bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Achievements: I have won over 25 science fair awards including Grand Prize at the Texas Regional fair and finalist at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair; I was an orchestra officer at Plano West Senior High School; I am a National Honor Society candidate; I was ranked in the top 10% of my high school class.

Why did you join FTC: Because I wanted to expand my STEM experience to not only include science experiments but also engineering and programming.

Why did you choose your scientist name: I chose Schrodinger’s Cat because I always found Schrodinger’s theoretical experiment of the dead or alive cat (Schrodinger’s Cat) very interesting.





Description: Lab Assistant
Age: 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier
Grade: Graduate of grade 1 of obedience school
Interest: Chasing after Velocity Vortex balls and keeping my team company while they work
Why did you join FTC: Even though I am scared of robots, I love my team members so they let me be an honorary member of the team
Accomplishments: I can pick up a particle and move it around the field autonomously!
What does your name mean: My owners, Dominique and Anthony, are very into science so when they adopted me they knew I would be keeping them company and helping them in their scientific endeavors so they named me after the famous lab assistant, Igor!

Otis the Squid


Otis is a three year old Squid and is the beloved MASCOT for the League of Legendary Scientists! (Why a squid? Because giant squids are VERY steampunk!) Otis is also named after a famous scientist, ??.  Otis loves robots, science and DANCING!



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